The Rub


Production Design: Jimmy Cuomo

Si-TV was founded and chaired by writer/producer Jeff Valdez and entrepreneur Bruce Barshop and established in 1997 as a production company to develop, produce and distribute original English-language, Latino entertainment. 

Jeff asked me to come on board early that year to design a studio lighting installation that would be able to provide them the tools to establish unique signature looks for the company’s production slate of talk, comedy, music and variety.  I designed a system to provide unlimited flexibility and room for expansion yet be highly efficient from both an operational  cost perspective and an electrical one.

The network had recently inked a multi-year agreement at Andrita Studios and the electrical system was modest from a multi-camera television perspective so I went the route of smaller fixtures with low electrical draw.  

The ETC Source Four leko with their wide range of focal lengths, pattern projection options and 575w lamp source became the work-horse of my design. I filled the package out with an array of 1K fresnels, 650w tweenies and KinoFlo.  The largest head was a Regular 2,000 watt Fresnel, often with several layers of diffusion, which we used primarily on talks shows. 

As shows grew and more automated equipment became integrated into the production shows I changed control from the ETC Expression 3  to a Whole Hog 2. 

Heartfelt thanks to Dan Ohman, Executive in Charge of Production for his 100% support of the lighting department. Tony Ward, Nick Jackson and Chuck Estrada at PRG for providing a wonderful lighting package and excellent technical support.  Kudos to Steve Hagerman for his exceptional programming, board operational skill, and production wrangling ability, and thanks to Bling, Ollie, and the many wonderful grip and electrical crew people who have worked with SI TV over the years.