August 21st, 2007 – 8:59 am
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Rare footage and memorable music

AEROSMITH- Sweet Emotion

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Brad Delp

August 8th, 2007 – 9:14 am
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In the late 70’s I was BOSTON’s lighting designer.  It was one of those times when everything seemed to fall place.  I was in love with the music and idolized Tom, the creator genuis mind, and Brad, the man with the golden voice and deep soul. 

There are no words to express my sorrow at Brad’s untimely passing.  I have remained silent about my years working with the band, but I cannot remain silent about how deeply your life a affected mind, what a gift your presence is and how I will keep you in my heart always. 



Tribute to Brad

August 8th, 2007 – 8:38 am
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I’m going to Boston next week. Flying out there with my long time friend, and amazing lighting designer Lee Rose. This is not a coincidental universe. PAT BENATAR is playing the Bank of America Pavillion the night before. Lee and I  designed the lighting for Pat when we were partners at Ocean,Rose and Associates.

To everything there is a season….

Brad Delp, who committed suicide earlier this year, gets a proper sendoff August 19 at the Pavilion, with a benefit show that’ll feature an original-members reunion of Boston (Sib Hashian, Barry Goudreau, Fran Sheehan, Fran Cosmo, and Tom Scholz), plus sets by Godsmack, Delp‘s Beatles tribute band Beatlejuice, and guest spots from Cheap Trick’s Robin Zander and Extreme’s Gary Cherone. Tickets are $35 (plus fees) and go on sale June 21 at 10 am.

From the inbox:

The families of Brad Delp along with Lynn Hoffman , VH1 Host, will “COME TOGETHER” to share a special musical night that will honor and remember this extraordinary man and his beautiful music.  On behalf of the Delp and Goudreau families, this concert titled “COME TOGETHER” will take place on August 19th, 2007 at the Bank of America Pavilion,

Boston, MA. 

The “COME TOGETHER” concert is the result of both the Delp and the Goudreau families’ desire to honor Mr. Delp’s legacy as a musical icon and will benefit the newly formed nonprofit Brad Delp Foundation.

In addition, a film about Mr. Delp will be aired during the concert that was written and directed by Delp’s daughter Jennifer, a graduate of the prestigious USC film school.  Never before seen footage of Mr. Delp will be shown that expresses not just the lead singer of the hugely successful band BOSTON; but of the man himself, and of those who loved him and called him their friend.