February 3rd, 2008 – 5:05 pm


The sun is our key light. Think of all the astonishing visions of light there are from sunrise to sunset.  The warm pink eds of morning, crisp hot white noon light. Afternoon embers. Dusky pastels, vibrant primaries. Gray rainy days, a cold white winter day. Starry night.

As painters of light we store a never ending repertoire of evocative images in our mind’s eye.  What did your world look like when you woke up this morning? Did you notice the subtle shifts as night flows into day.

You you got home this evening. You turned on a light in a room. How did you feel? Did you connect with the esence of that room? How would you recreate that room on stage? In a studio? You’re standing in a grand hotel. How do you feel? Is it the way the light streaked across the wall? A perfect shadow falling on a column?  A soft white glow in an atrium from light bounced of white marble tile?  Notice. Look. See. Remember.  What is the key?


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