Lighting for the Internet

February 3rd, 2008 – 6:09 pm

Internet  production will equal ALL   Television and Cable production, worldwide  within 3 years and surpass it in 5.

The Internet is on track to surpass magazines to become the globe’s third largest advertising medium by 2010. Television will remain the leader in the global advertising market in 2010, with estimated revenues of $198.89 billion in revenues followed by newspapers.

Internet advertising – including pure-play websites and digital extensions of traditional media – will replace newspapers as the largest ad medium in 2011.

Directors of Photography, Lighting Designers, Lighting Directors, Stage and Studio Lighting Technicians who know how to make great digital pictures are going to be in hot demand.

Life is short… everyone needs great lighting! 


Digital camera technology is getting easier. More and more people than ever before are shooting. So what separates great camera work from the ho-hum?

To achieve that ethereal quality of great lighting one must possess two qualities.  Vision and Technique.  Look around. Great internet lighting is easy to spot….but how do you get it?

Digital Cameras manipulate image electroniocally. Great lighting is organic. While it’s true cameras operate under any source and we can  “white balance” for any condition, it’s not the same when a location is correctly lit leaving nothing to chance.

Great lighting by design, not luck.

Sure we all have our “serendipitious moments” when everything just falls into place, but why leave it to Kismet when great Internet and Video Lighting results can be achieved time after time consistently?

Light Like the pros.

Next up. 

Stay tuned.



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