September 6th, 2007 – 12:18 pm
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photo credit: Lee Rose


photo credit: Lee Rose

A live  concert morphed into a 7 camera video shoot when Ernie Boch, Jr. , Boston  auto magnate and founder of  Ernie & the Automatics, showed up to record the historic event for posterity.  The entire 5 hour concert is in the can, and I understand a DVD of the entire event is proposed.  At last report no date for release is known at this time.

Members of the original Boston crew convened in a downtown hotel the night before to reflect, reconnect and talk about Brad Delp, this gentle man with the golden voice we knew and loved. For some of us, it had been 25 years or more since we saw each other.

Crew Reunion


photo: Ron Pownall

Top Row:

Richard Oshen,  Roy Bennett,  Andy Polin,  Michael Hill, Ron Pownall


Lee Rose,  Bob Morrissey,  Rob Rosatti,  Butch Tardiff,  Kevin Griffin ( insert in frame)

A lot of the guys couldn’t be with us, but they were with us in spirt:

Jim Beauregard, Bob Burkhart, Eric Carr, Ted Fritzen, Hank McHugh, Dana Roun, Arthur ‘Torch” Russo, Chuck Weisner, and Paco Zimmer.

R.I.P. Brad Delp, Joe Astrella, Ratman, and Charlie McKenzie.

Don’t Look Back of the T- shirt


photo: Ron Pownall

The singleness of purpose, the “family” like feeling (even with the scrabbling children that any family has) and the camaraderie that I felt while on those 70’s tours with Boston was something that I have rarely felt again since then. We were all fortunate to have the opportunity to be there at that time and to participate in those days. (I can’t forget getting off the bus in Oakland for the Day On The Green and seeing a guy siphoning gas from a forklift into a Jaguar. When I asked they told me it was Bill Graham)Those of us still standing should be grateful to have survived it all and I know I will remember those of us that didn’t make it this far.


Sorry to have missed the reunion . That really was a special trip with lots of good times with good friends. It seemed like us against all  – Unless of course it was band bus  vs. light and sound bus as in the Great Bottle Rocket Battle of the Shreeveport  Fairgrounds !   I’ll be sure to make the next  reunion with a little more lead time. Miss you all .Take Care.



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